fencing center
salle trois armes


Fencing Center Salle Trois Armes is located at 8517 North Lombard Street, Portland, at the east end of the St. Johns Bridge on Lombard.

Map to Salle

I-5 from Vancouver:
Take the "Interstate" exit, then Interstate or Denver to Lombard and turn right. (12-15 minutes.)

I-5 Northbound or Portland Center:
Follow I-405 to St. Helens/Hwy. 30. Cross St. Johns Bridge (Hwy. 30 Bypass), or take the "Lombard West" exit off I-5

From Hillsboro:
Take Cornelius Pass Road to Germantown Road. Cross the St. Johns Bridge. (22-28 minutes)

From Gresham:
Take Sandy Blvd. to Lombard, or I-84 west to I-5 north (then as above). (25-35 minutes)

From Oregon City:
Take 99E (McLaughlin Blvd.) to I-5 north at Morrison Bridge or Broadway on-ramp (then as above). (35 minutes) Or follow I-205 north, then follow "From Gresham" directions.

From Beaverton:
Take Hwy 26 east to I-405 north, then take the "St. Helens/Hwy. 30" to St. Johns Bridge. (22-28 minutes)

By TriMet bus:
TriMet lines 4, 16, 17, 40, 75, and some 6's stop in front of the Salle or within a block. Call the Salle (503-285-2962) or see the TriMet website for more information.