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Delmar Calvert

Maitre d'Armes (Master of Arms) Delmar Calvert received his first fencing master's degree from the French Military Center for Training and Physical Education at Rabat while serving in the French Foreign Legion. He trained coaches in the French Army, was a very successful competitor in Europe, and received the French government's Silver Medal for Youth and Sports for coaching. After returning to the U.S. he also received his American fencing master's degree. His highly successful U.S. coaching career has included: As well as numerous awards for outstanding coaching and service.

Maitre Calvert also has extensive experience in teaching teh Classical Italian School of fencing.

Rocky Beach

Coach and Salle Manager Rocky Beach began fencing in 1966. He is a United States Fencing Association Certified Coach in all three sports and has a B.S. degree in Exercise Science/Physical Education. He has been organizing and teaching fencing for over 30 years.